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We are now entering the age of  "Wearable Technology",where humans can operate machines or devices with their gestures.A new device called MYO,which is also a biological name for muscles developed by Thalmic Labs can convert our gestures into controls.

This wearable interface that gives everyone a taste of the fictional universe proposed by Minority Report, sort of. MYO is an armband that enables users to control computers, phones, and other devices with simple, intuitive hand gestures. Unlike other gesture-controlled devices we’ve seen in the past, MYO does not require the addition of a camera, and therefore does not limit the wearer to a confined space. 

MYO works by using motion sensors that register the movement of the wearer’s arm, as well as electrodes that sense the arm muscles’ electrical activity to differentiate between up to 20 gestures, which even include small movements of the fingers. The armband connects to a computer or other smart device via Bluetooth, so that users can swipe through internet pages, turn the volume up on their music up and even play games. Since it is not limited to a specific place, a person can wear the MYO device all the time, using it as naturally as they would standard gestures like pointing or waving. Having sold over 30,000 units set to ship in 2014, Thalmic Labs is currently running a program for developers to let interested people put forth ideas for software applications, expand the seemingly endless amount of possibilities promised by the armband.

Here is a video that showcases MYO

Information from PSFK Labs and Intel

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I recently added a "Scroll up" or you can call it "Go to Top" button for my blog,(the arrow you see on your right side) for the comfort of my readers.

If readers are browsing through number of post on your blog this widget will let them easily go back to top of the page with a click rather then scrolling to the top, which take some time.

If you want to know how to have a "Go to top" button for your blog. Here it is --

1. Go to Blogger Dasboard and click on "LAYOUT".
2. Then Click on "ADD A GADGET" and choose" Html/Javascript " from pop up window.
3. Now type below code into it.

4. Save  and you will have the Scroll button on your Blog.

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Would't it be so cool if you were your own Doctor,without a degree of course ...staying at the comfort of your home and making health examinations of your  body and that of your family.

This is now possible with the development of a device called "Scanadu SCOUT" designed by Yves Behar. As he quoted " The Simplification of Healthcare starts with a simple object".

The Scanadu SCOUT is a scanner packed with sensors that enables anyone to conduct sophisticated physical exams-in a snap.The way the device works is by placing it over the forehead.As if it were reading your mind,this hotshot detects problems early.

Famously named as "The First Medical Tricorder" with reference to the same in the Star Trek movies,Scanadu SCOUT  can measure a number of different physiological parameters,including pulse transit time,heart rate,electrical heart activity/ECG, Body temperature,heart rate variability and blood oxygenation level.The expected price of the device is around $150,though it must first receive FDA approval. The product is expected to be released by the end of 2013. 

There is also an Scanadu App for  our smartphones,where we can sync it with the SCOUT and collect information/results of our self examinations via bluetooth.This helps to send data to doctors via email/SMS, so that they can understand your health problem and diagnose the problem .Hence i call it   "Telemetry at your doorstep".

On November 29 2012 the company unveiled a suite of new tools to “revolutionize consumer healthcare.” The Scanadu SCOUT is a lightweight device that is touched to a patient’s temple and is touted as being able to return five vital sign results with 99 percent accuracy in less than 10 seconds. Another device from the company Scanadu, Project ScanaFlo is used for urinanalysis to test for conditions like preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, kidney failure and urinary tract infections. Project ScanaFlu is used to test saliva when a patient is exhibiting cold-like symptoms, and will test for Strep A, Influenza A and B, adenovirus, and RSV.

To know more about this product,Visit the company website below:


Sunday, September 8, 2013


In the age of security and authentication,we have plenty of devices and techniques that protect our private information.Finger Print detection,Iris scans,Vein Scan,Facial recognition and other Biometric applications have become indispensable for living in the digital world , but all of them can be compromised to an extent.

A new device called "Nymi" developed by the Company Bionym  is promising a secure solution.The device uses individual's electrocardiograms(electrical signals from the heart) to authenticate their identity.

Each person has a unique cardiac rhythm,depending on the size,position and shape of the heart.Hence it is impossible to steal,mimic or circumvent such information.

To access Nymi, person must first have possession of the wristband (Device itself). Second,he/she must possess their unique heart rhythm and finally ,they must have access to the secure application on a registered smartphone..Once authentication is complete,you will remain authenticated as long as wristband is not removed.Hence it is tamper proof and impossible to duplicate.

Nymi can be used for home automation.....like opening your front door with a Jedi-like wave of the hand...Cool right!

The device "Nymi" costs around $99 and are ready to be shipped around the world in early 2014.

To know more about NYMI , visit the company website below:

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Every human being has a certain degree of Creativity within them.But due to our busy lifestyle,ideas don't come up that easily..We hypnotize our mind to believe that we lack creativity and only few handful people are God-Gifted...or are born Talented..

This is not true...Creative juices can flow within any individual's  mind..All it takes is right techniques that can groom you into right path.

Around the world,Great thinkers have showcased some techniques that help people to develop their creativity.They have developed collated techniques to uncover mental secrets of Creativity.

I would like to suggest these practical guides that will help those ideas flowing within you and help you become an Idea Magnet :)


Maltese physician and inventor Edward de Bono introduced the world to the power of thinking  laterally through this groundbreaking tome in 1967.Since then ,it has helped millions of people unleash their creativity for various purposes.


Allison Arden wrote this book for those who simply don't have time for the pursuit of creativity.She suggests ways to transform 94 everyday activities into joyful and inventive exercises.


Award winning innovators Tom and David Kelly dispel the myth that creativity is the domain of a chosen few.


Adman Jack Foster shows you how to condition your mind to become "Idea Prone" utilize your sense of humor, visualize your goals and conquer your fear of rejections.


Twyla Tharp lays out over 30 simple exercises to get you out of your mental block and make creativity a habit instead of a spark of Divine inspiration.

Other suggestions are :

6) " It's Not How Good You are,It'd how good you want to be " by Paul Arden 
7) " The Opposable  Mind " by Roger Martin
8) " The Artist's Way " by Julia Cameron

Hope this will help you,Thank you for reading :)...Start your Brain Storming Now :)..Good Luck :)

Friday, August 30, 2013


Isn't it magical and awesome if you could turn your imaginations into reality.Well,this is now possible since the development of  devices like Emotiv EPOC ( A headset that receives brain waves and converts it into desired action) and MakerBot  ( a mini 3D-printing machine ).

When these devices are made to work together , we could convert our imagination (example : i am thinking about Spiderman) to a 3 Dimensional action figure of Spiderman.Anything and Everything that we could imagine of...could be converted into 3D objects.

The Emotiv headset is really cool and interesting,it also serves many purposes and will become the future input device...Move over Keyboards and Touch screen....Now People.... Emotiv Headsets..here they come...


MAKERBOT 3D printers and objects

The Idea of converting thoughts to 3D Objects came from the group called "Thinker Thing". They have developed products based on this idea like Monster Dreamer,Thought Puppet,Salt Shaker.Visit their website to know more(their link is provided below).

The Emotiv Headset costs $ 299 , while MakerBot costs around $ 1400.

The Kids would love it for sure!....

and even adults like me ..hehe

To Know more about these products

Visit :




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